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What is the main difference between spot inspection and patrol inspection?

The inspection system in China is the management experience of Daqing in the 1960s. It is based on the pre-set inspection parts and main contents.

Carry out a rough inspection according to a certain route and specified time, in order to eliminate the defects and hidden dangers in operation, it is suitable for scattered equipment.

The main differences between the inspection system and the spot inspection system are as follows(listed in Table 1):

Inspection   system

spot   check system

1. It   is only an inspection method for the maintenance workers on duty. The   inspection results are for reference only when compiling maintenance plans.

1. It   is a basic responsibility system for equipment work. Through spot inspection   and diagnosis, the periodic law of equipment damage is grasped, and the   inspection results are used as the main basis for formulating maintenance   plans.

2. Only   on-duty maintenance workers participate in the inspection.

2. In   addition to on-duty maintenance workers, there must also be production   operation workers to participate in daily inspections, full-time inspection   personnel to conduct regular inspections, and implement full-staff   maintenance management.

3. The   personnel participating in the inspection are not fixed and do not have   management functions.

3.   There are full-time inspection personnel, who not only conduct regular   inspections, but also manage equipment by sections, that is, have management   functions (such as formulating maintenance plans, grasping equipment   dynamics, analyzing accidents, proposing maintenance material plans, etc.)   Responsibilities give corresponding rights. At the same time, make sure that   the section, the person, and the equipment are fixed.

4. A   rough inspection is carried out according to the inspection route. There is   no inspection content, nor a complete set of inspection standards, account   cards and clear inspection business processes. Only general inspection   records are filled in.

4. A   set of scientific standards, account cards and systems have been established,   as well as the business process of spot inspection. The inspection routes and   inspection locations, project content, cycle, methods, etc. are clearly   defined, the inspection records are complete, and all work procedures have   been standardized .

5.   There is no clear judgment standard, and its essence is an indeterminate   operation management.

5. At   the same time of spot inspection, combine the management of equipment   deterioration tendency with diagnosis technology, and conduct quantitative   management of deterioration tendency according to the requirements of   maintenance technical standards for shops with wear, deformation, corrosion   and other impairments to measure their Deterioration of Chengdu, to achieve   the purpose of predictive maintenance.

6.   Only the first-level on-duty inspection is implemented.

6.   Implement three-level inspection: (1) daily inspection; (2) regular   inspection; (3) precise inspection

7.   Maintenance integration (maintenance workers on duty belong to the   maintenance department)

7. A   reasonable maintenance organization must be established. In principle, the   inspection and maintenance must be separated.

In short, the point inspection system solves the problem of when equipment should be repaired and what kind of maintenance is needed for preventive maintenance.

However, to ensure that the target equipment is repaired in a timely and correct manner, it is also necessary to solve this problem by establishing a custom repair system.



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