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(Schlieren) Provide help to students' research and innovation

The principle of schlieren is to use the disturbance of the airflow to the light wave to convert the change of the airflow that cannot be seen by the naked eye into an image that can be seen. Applications include: explosion mechanics; fuel performance; spark plugs for internal combustion engines; wind tunnels, etc.

The requirements for mastering the schlieren technology are very strict, and the components of the schlieren system are diverse. The current application of the schlieren technology in China is very extensive. The following briefly introduces the use of the schlieren technology to observe the flow phenomenon.

Observe the fluid flow phenomenon using the schlieren technique, analyze and study the shock wave and expansion structure of the supersonic flow field. The scientific research and teaching process in colleges and universities are of great help to the students to master the theoretical knowledge of fluid mechanics and the study of the flow mechanism. Therefore, the use of schlieren It is very important to carry out innovative practical teaching activities of fluid mechanics research through technology; by allowing students to choose and design the light source of the schlieren system, design and produce different color blades, take color schlieren pictures, and research and explore to improve the sensitivity and clarity of schlieren images The skills will help improve students' ability to use knowledge to solve problems, improve students' hands-on ability, cultivate innovation awareness and research and exploration spirit.



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