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Regulations for incoming spray test of experimental spray dryer

Recently, there are many customers who request to do free test machine for experimental spray dryer. Some of them require the test machine to spray a few kilograms to tens of kilograms of samples. The samples are commissioned once. The commissioning time is generally 30-60 minutes. After the commissioning, spraying can be carried out. The sample volume is large and the spraying time is longer. For this, the company has issued policies as follows:

1. Before you test the machine, please truthfully inform the characteristics of the sample (for example: corrosive "mild, moderate, high"; toxicity; flammability and explosiveness), the viscosity is not big, the main components of the sample, if the molecular formula is the most Well, the solid content of the sample!

2. Our technicians will make a preliminary judgment based on the basic information provided by you, whether the experimental spray dryer can spray; if it can be sprayed, you can go to the factory to test the machine in person, when you are talking, you can also choose to mail samples to us (At the same time, inform the temperature requirements); if our technology informs you that the material can not be sprayed with an experimental machine, our technology will give the corresponding plan!

3. Requirements for free test machine: general aqueous solution, less than 1kg solution, providing free service (service content: providing test machine report, mailing recovered powder, video files, etc.);

4. Requirements for prepayment test machine: general aqueous solution, between 3kg and 10kg, prepayment for equipment is charged, and the charge depends on the sample situation. After the purchase of equipment, it can be refunded!

5. Requirements for paid test machine: general aqueous solution, the test machine has a large amount, more than 10kg, depending on the actual situation of the sample; this test machine takes a long time (generally takes more than a few days), even if the equipment is purchased later, it will not be refunded!

The above regulations will be implemented from June 15, 2015! Customers who need to test the machine, please read carefully!



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