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"Youth Daily" Shanghai Post-90s Shuangyou Ph.D. couple married with baby

With a click, a special photo of the 2020 postdoctoral fellows Jin Yong and Tan Huiling of the East China University of Science and Technology and the pair of post-90s Shuangyou doctors and their 15-month-old daughter! Unlike the family portraits of small families in the past, this time, the young parents were dressed in doctoral suits and held the joy of graduating successfully into new jobs.

For both of them, scientific research and love never "come first, come last", and some just "just right." Doing research and development papers, winning "excellent graduates", and cultivating new life together, even the contracted unit is still the same chemical group! Facing the life that has become "open life" in the eyes of others, they just smiled sweetly, hoping to continue to "tuck" together and work together!



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