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Chinese scientific research team finds that antibodies can be used as new targets for new crown drugs

The Chinese scientific research team recently published a paper in the American "Science" magazine that it discovered the first highly efficient neutralizing monoclonal antibody targeting the N-terminal domain of spike protein, which provides a new effective target for the development of new crown drugs.

Academician Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences is one of the corresponding authors of the paper. The paper said that the researchers isolated and identified monoclonal antibodies from 10 convalescent patients with new crowns, and found that three antibodies showed neutralizing activity against the new crown virus, and one of the monoclonal antibodies named 4A8 showed high school And ability.

   Neutralizing antibodies are a class of antibodies with protective effects produced by the body in response to antigen stimulation. At present, many scientific research teams around the world are focusing on the receptor binding domain of the new coronavirus spike protein for drug design and mechanism research of the new coronavirus. The Chinese team's research was through the recognition of the high-efficiency neutralizing monoclonal antibody of the N-terminal domain of spike protein, and found that the N-terminal domain is a new vulnerable epitope of the spike protein of the new coronavirus, which is a therapeutic antibody and other drugs. The design provides new effective targets.



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