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Reactor online sampler

The power of the online sampler of the reaction kettle is pneumatically operated, without electric operation, and can be used with confidence in the explosion-proof workshop. The contact position of the liquid material is made of PTFE material, which is corrosion-resistant and low-pressure resistant!

product description

The reaction kettle online sampler is a product developed for the pain points of reaction kettle sampling in the production of pharmaceutical factories and chemical plants. The power of the product is pneumatic, and it is operated without electricity. It can be used safely in explosion-proof workshops. The contact position of liquid materials is PTFE. Corrosion resistance and low pressure resistance! Increase the cleaning function, after sampling is completed, there is no need to remove the sampler for cleaning, the device automatically absorbs water to clean the pipeline!

technical parameter

Sampling method: knob to discharge

Product size: φ200*450mm

Maximum pressure: 8.6bar

The largest solid particle diameter can be passed: 0.4mm

Maximum flow: 18.1lpm

Maximum suction stroke: 8M

Input air pressure: 0-1Mpa

Standard blind plate: φ200mm (corresponding to DN80, 10kg standard flange)

Amplification function: online PH value real-time detection

Online PH introduction: (optional)

High intelligence: PH transmitter adopts high-precision AD conversion and single-chip micro-processing technology, which can complete various functions such as pH measurement, temperature measurement, automatic temperature compensation, and instrument self-test;

High reliability: The components are highly integrated, without complicated function switches and adjustment knobs;

Strong anti-interference ability: Impedance up to 1012Ω; current output adopts photoelectric coupling isolation technology, strong anti-interference ability, realize remote transmission. Has good electromagnetic compatibility;

Waterproof and dustproof design: protection grade IP67, suitable for outdoor use;

25℃ conversion: the pure water and ammonia-added ultra-pure water are converted to a 25℃ reference temperature, and the pH value at 25℃ is displayed, which is especially suitable for the measurement of weak conductivity water quality in power plants or chemical plants;

Variety of calibration buffers: calibration buffers allow: 1, national standard (1.68, 4.00, 6.86, 9.18); 2, NIST professional buffer (1.68, 4.00, 7.00, 10.01); 3, METTLER TOLEDO professional buffer Liquid (2.00, 4.01, 7.00, 9.21)

Various calibration methods: pH glass electrode has 4 kinds of calibration methods, antimony electrode has 2 kinds of calibration methods;

Communication: RS485 and HART are available for selection, easy to connect to the computer for testing and communication;

Introduction of pH meter parameters

01. Measuring range: pH: 0-14.00pH, resolution: 0.01pH; temperature: 0-100℃, resolution: 0.3℃;

02. Automatic temperature compensation range: 0-100℃, 25℃ as the benchmark;

03. Water sample tested: 0-100℃, 0.3Mpa;

04. Stability: ±0.02pH/24h;

05. Input impedance: ≥1012Ω;

06. Current isolation output: 4-20mA; input, output, power supply three isolation (power supply through safety barrier);

07. Output current error: ≤±0.5%FS;

08. Protection grade: IP65, up to IP67

09. Explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT6 Ga;

10. Working conditions: Ambient temperature: 0-60℃ Relative humidity: <85%;

11. Intrinsic safety parameters: Ui=28VDC, Ii=93mA, Pi=0.65W, Ci=0.044uF, Li=0mH;


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