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What is the OD value of the filter?

OD* means cut-off, according to OD1~OD6, cut-off band transmittance is from 0.1~0.000001

OD      Number	        Cut-off band transmittance		
OD1	=0.1	        10%	
OD2	=0.01		1%
OD3	=0.001		0.1%
OD4	=0.0001		0.01%
OD5	=0.00001	0.001%
OD6	=0.000001	0.0001%
Deadline     Cut-off zone		
A	      400~1100nm
B	      300~1200nm
C	      200~2000nm
D	      400~700nm
E	      400~800nm
F	      400~1000nm
G	      300~900nm
H	      500~1000nm
I	      800~1000nm
J	      700~1200nm
K	      200~1100nm
L	      200~1200nm
M    	      200~1400nm
N	      400~1200nm
O	      200~1150nm
P	      200~800nm
Q	      350~700nm
U	      200~700nm
V	      300~950nm
W	      200~1000nm
X             200~750nm



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