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Procurement of low temperature thermostat: precautions when purchasing

In the laboratory, we often encounter experiments that require experimental samples to be placed in a specific ambient temperature, low temperature or high temperature. In the high temperature constant temperature, we often use the high temperature constant temperature oil tank, because the oil has a high boiling point, if it is water, you can use a constant temperature water bath box, constant temperature water bath pot, low temperature constant temperature bath and other instruments. The constant temperature effect of these instruments in water is very significant ; If a low-temperature constant temperature state is required, a low-temperature constant temperature bath is generally used, which not only can maintain low temperature, but also with the advancement of technology, the accuracy under constant temperature is also gradually improved. The accuracy of the Percival low-temperature constant temperature bath has reached 0.005 . With the advancement of technology and the development of technology, these low-temperature constant temperature baths are also undergoing earth-shaking changes, with higher precision and more precise temperature control. Therefore, many problems will be encountered in the selection. I don’t know what kind of instrument is most suitable. For your own use, what kind of instrument quality is the most reliable. In general, we can consider the following points when choosing a low temperature thermostat, I believe it will be more or less helpful for your choice.

First, when you open the cryostat webpage or brochure, you can first observe the picture of the instrument. The general instrument first shows you its panel design. Although the quality of the instrument is not directly proportional to the panel design, it is a good one. The manufacturer still cares about the equipment when it comes to R&D. Just like the quality of clothes, it can’t be sold because of ugliness.

Second, most of the low temperature thermostats on the market are made of 304 stainless steel, and the appearance is made of simple cast steel structure. If you find that the instrument is not using 304 stainless steel liner or 316 stainless steel liner, you can consider a simple look It is because once the instrument involves strong acid and alkali medium, other commonly used stainless steel liners cannot bear it. If there is no special need, the shell can be made of recommended cast steel, which saves cost compared to the stainless steel structure of the whole machine.

Third, whether to add other objects in the instrument, because some experiments need to add some objects, such as stainless steel test tube racks with fixed centrifuge tubes, etc. These can be inquired according to your experimental needs. Avoid buying by mistake.

Fourth, whether there is internal and external circulation is very important. In the low temperature thermostat, the internal and external circulation pump is an important guarantee for the high-precision constant temperature of the instrument. You can check whether there is a pump circulation button or device on the instrument panel.

Fifth, consult the manufacturer about the knowledge and product information about the cryostatic bath, and understand whether the characteristics and performance of the cryostatic bath meet the needs of your laboratory. Now many cryogenic baths cannot be shaped except for shape, volume, etc. Many other changes are very flexible.

Sixth, there are some details of the instrument parameters that need attention, remember not to be sloppy;



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